Work smarter. If you work faster and work safer, you are working smarter. Blue C Technology has been helping individuals and organizations work faster, safer, and smarter for well over 20 years. Here is a small sampling of the work we have completed:

Virus Removal and Prevention

In the past two years alone, Blue C Technology has cleaned over 80 systems of destructive malware and physical damage, in most cases saving all important data. Over 70 of these systems were then upgraded with Blue C Technology protection and backup systems. Reinfection of these sites was limited to two systems. In both of these cases user inattention led to the reinfection.

Data Recovery

On the eve of a final project presentation, a graphic designer found her USB drive very badly corrupted and unreadable, with a loss of three months work for a key client. Blue C Technology recovered over 90% of the files within a 24 hour period. Blue C Technology can often recover lost data from hard drives, USB drives, CDs and DVDs, and even old-style floppy disks and Zip drives.

Automated Backup

A legal practice suffered an accident which led to a potentially catastrophic loss of data. Blue C Technology not only recovered the data, but also instituted a fully automated backup and recovery system, supported by a daily monitoring program.

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